The Mascheraris Muse

Hallelujah, hallelujah praise the lord a miracle has happened in my little corner of England. Santa came and visited me today and gave me this treasure. I have waited and waited so patiently and now she is mine and I feel emotional and overwhelmed. I can't believe my piece of heaven is here and I'm going to enjoy stitching this like no other from the very first stitch to the very last. I just hope you all enjoy her and I must give hugs to Michele in charting this it really does prove what a talented lady she really is and of course aimee for her wonderful imagination and using such an explosion if colour. Oh I can't wait to smell these fragrant blooms and tickle my beautiful girl under her chin with the feather. I feel very very humble. Huge Hugs and cuddles to Michele and aimee 💜💛💚 x

janine moseley, 07/16/2014
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