Kuik, Ching-Chou

"I mostly use watercolours for my fantasy work, especially since I began selling my art in the summer of 2006. I love and used to use oil for my private work. Then I found gouache is a good medium for my fantasy art, so I use both watercolour and gouache since two/three years ago - the brand is Winsor and Newton."
"About the paper, I used to use cold-press watercolour papers, but after I tried hot-press watercolour paper, I just love it! I especially love Arches hot press watercolour paper." - Ching-Chou Kuik

Ching-Chou Kuik was born in 1979 at Pantai Remis, Perak, Malaysia. Ching-Chou moved to Taiwan at age of 19, to pursue her fine art education at National Taiwan Normal University. In 2003, she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (painting).
While in Taipei, Ching-Chou enjoyed being an art teacher for young children from ages three to twelve. The originality of the youngsters' pieces inspired her and brings enthusiasm and creativity to her works.
After moving to Seattle with her husband in 2005, she became a full-time artist and has shared her art with others since Mar 2006.

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