Daniels, Ian

I was born in Kent, England. I've always had a passion for painting and studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester,England between 1990-1993.

Working professionally as a painter and illustrator since 1995 I have produced work, including gallery exhibitions, book jackets, fully illustrated books, art cards and prints, as well as personal projects, landscape, megaliths and folktales, themes exploring earth & spirit, biology, dreaming, memory, ghosts and stories.

My illustration projects range from children's fairytales to fantasy fiction & gothic romance including bookcovers for E.A Poe, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Orson Scott Card and Poul Anderson. Two collections of fairytales, 'Classic Celtic Fairytales' and 'Tales of the Celtic Otherworld' feature many of my paintings. Recent projects include the fully illustrated books 'Vampires', 'Walking with the Green Man' and 'Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms'. Childrens illustrations include a collection of watercolours inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and a 'Fairy Catching Kit' My Tarot of Vampyres includes 78 vampire paintings and book. I am currently working on my Tarot of Enchantments, exploring Celtic and Arthurian myths.

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