Butler, Tracy

Tracy was born in 1980 and raised in the more obscure bits of Massachusetts where, upon developing the motor skills necessary to grip a pencil, began drawing things that were probably supposed to be horses. The compulsion to draw stuck as she grew older and as her drawings grew somewhat more coherent, and so she entered into the informal tutelage of an established local artist. Over the course of many Saturday mornings spanning her childhood, her artist-mentor taught her just about everything she knows regarding the fundamentals, fostered her long term interest in art, and even occasionally got her to draw things other than horses. By high school, she was hopelessly addicted to the fine arts and was spending an inordinate amount of class time drawing ridiculous comics to entertain friends.

She attended college briefly in New England as a student of biology. Her heart was set on a career in art, though, and at about this time, she built her first web site to display her portfolio and began taking on freelance illustration jobs to fill the space between lectures and labs. It wasn't long before someone from the Simutronics Corporation (Play.Net) stumbled upon her work, however, and though her web design bore the marks of a true amateur, the big cheeses seemed pleased enough with the art therein. She moved to St. Louis to take a job with the company as a 2D artist for some long-lived text based role-playing games, and from there she eventually gravitated into a position as a 3D character artist and animator.

Presently, Tracy works as an art director for the same company by day and moonlights in her free time as a comic artist and illustrator. In 2006, after buying an old house in the St. Louis area and becoming subsequently and inadvertently fascinated with Prohibition era St. Louis history, she began developing Lackadaisy.

The project - her first serious undertaking in comics - rapidly bloomed into an all-absorbing labor of love, debuting first as a web comic and, just recently, as a print comic through 4th Dimension Entertainment.

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