Browne, James

Through the years I have grown very fond of the subject matter that I paint. It is as real to me as life itself. Even now, as I sit here and write, the studio elves and faeries are cleaning my brushes and leaving faery footprints all over my palette. Yes, faeries are as real as you and me, you only have to open your mind and use your imagination. As an artist I have always prided myself to bring things to life on paper and give the viewer something that they can believe in. In a world of so much negativity and turmoil I am truly thankful that I can paint a more positive and dreamy world. The older I have become and as my artwork matures the more my heart yearns to create. This yearning becomes a passion and my true emotions flow out of me as I paint. When you create, I believe you have to open yourself up and reach deep within to really get a feel for what you're all about and what you hope to say or express in your painting. Then everything you paint becomes real to you and for the viewer anything is possible. I paint for just that reason. It is a wonderful feeling to share my imagination and emotions with people through my paintings.

In my spare time, I continue to paint inside my head. As I walk along side a stream or through a wooded path or even look into the eyes of my beautiful wife, Nadine, my mind sees breathtaking imagery. There are so many things around me that inspire me and I never take that for granted even if I have to stop, close my eyes and feel the moment. Music has always and continues to inspire me. I listen to a wide range of styles and musical genres and they all bring out different moods in my work. Music spawns memories and memories can be a great source of inspiration. Nature plays a big part in the way I create. It's all around us and as an artist I take notice of its beauty and who the ultimate painter is. So much of my work stems from it and I can't imagine not having it in my work. Lastly and most importantly, people are my biggest inspiration. From the gnomes behind my bookcase to my lovely muse. From the amazing artists before me to the people I have taught through the years. From the elderly woman sitting on a park bench to the young boy with his shoes on the wrong feet. People are truly what inspires me most and that is who I paint for.

As I continue to paint for people, my career continues bring me blessings. The smiles, the comments and wonderful sighs of believing in a magical world are all food for the soul. At this point there many new happenings such a figurine line that is being produced by Prizm,Inc., due out in early 2005. I have also been working on the illustrations for two trilogies. The first of which was just released in September of 2004 called, "Henry Fickle and the Secret Library", by Michele Mack and the other to be released in 2005 called, "Magic Marmalade and the Moonlight Fairies", by the talented Sharon Licht. I continue to create various commissions for people, the most common being the individual in a magical setting. My faeries & elves continue to work stocking up inventory that I sell at festivals, shops, and through my website,

As far as my personal life goes, I still feel young at heart. I suppose it has to do with the subject matter in which I paint. My life with my muse, Nadine continues to be magical and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of the life I've been given and the gift I've been given to create. I thank the Lord for that. The road for me has just begun and there is still much to paint. I may need a faery or two to help me hold my brush when I am old and grey but in the meantime I will let the paint flow and the imagination soar. "I have a lifetime to paint, with a subject matter that is endless, with one goal in mind, and that is, to keep the child in all of us. " -J.B.

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