Kendrick, Lane

Lane started painting at age 12. She went to Northern Illinois for the undergraduate work, and continued the studies at Southeastern Oklahoma University where a Master’s Degree was obtained. Lane is qualified to teach grades K – 16 and has taught in the states of Illinois, Texas, Mississippi, Michigan, Alabama, and Georgia along with the Universities of Auburn and the University of Mississippi. She moved with her husband who flew for the U.S. Government.

Many companies have used Lane’s art work with licensing agreements. Lane studied Native American and western legends and folklore and cultures where those images are captures into paintings. Lane was one of 45 artists chosen worldwide to study under Robert Bateman in his Master’s Class. Lane arranges her work on feelings and combines Nature with Native American spiritual beliefs. She also helps to supports our military programs like Wounded Warrior, the Patriot Guard, Folds of Honor and Honor Flights making her work available to be used as fund raisers for their programs.
Licensed by Persistence of Vision, LLC

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