Camprubi, Krystal

At a very early age, Krystal felt that she would devote her life to art, without knowing which art she would choose. Her artistic expression begins with the publication of her first poems at the age of 7. But rapidly, she drifted toward music and painting. To her mind, “Art is a big whole, a dialogue of hard and fast rule that divides itself into several alphabets”. However, her very various interests pushed her on the way of diverse studies that enriched her pictorial inspirations later on.
She went to a university where she studied medieval literature and Celtic fantasy, and in 1999 she presented her master thesis on symbolism in two anonymous Arthurian novels. This literary background manifests itself in her paintings which combine Celtic mythology and medieval aesthetics with mythic overtones.

She is currently based in France and is a painter and an illustrator, for various magazines and Webzines (Khimaira and Deep Magic) and illustrated books.
"I started as a freelance illustrator using traditional techniques as oil painting and watercolours, before I got my first Wacom tablet. Then, I discovered digital painting and a wonderful world was open to me. I use mainly Photoshop and Painter, for I find they complement each other. For the texturing, I sometimes use Artrage too. My world is mostly fantastic. I like dreamy and poetic worlds, as well as a stranger and darker fantasy. I mainly work as a cover illustrator but I also work regularly on illustrated books, with different publishers."

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