RAK Program

Definition of RAK: Random Act of Kindness

Edited: May 14, 2007
The new Rak mod has been completed!

If you want to RAK someone you need to purchase the download version of the chart.

After completion of the order, sign into your account and view the order. You will now see that there are two(2) buttons, one for download and one for transfer. If you want to transfer the chart, click the transfer button. You will then be presented with a page to give the persons name, email address, text box to enter a message, and a place to put your name (already filled in) or you can change it to BB nickname or anything you want. After you have filled in the form, click send. You will then end up on a confirmation page where you can review the info you entered in the previous page. When you are satisfied everything is correct click the confirm button. The next page will want to know if you want to 'continue' shopping or send another RAK, click your preference.
The cart will send an email to the person you are RAKing with your message and a link to get the RAKed chart. They will be prompted to login, and if they already have an account after logging in they will be redirected to their account page where they can download the chart or...send it as a transfer to someone else (in case they already have this one). You can RAK people that don't have an account as they can create one to collect their RAK.

Thank You and good shopping!

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