Marchetti, Ciro

In the category of "digital art" there is a considerable amount of experimentation and techniques. The capacity of today's hardware and software lends itself to this approach, and some truly interesting imagery is coming out of it. Nevertheless I'm concerned there's too much of a tendency toward the manipulation of scanned or digital camera imagery via multiple and random applications of packaged special effect filters to achieve "artistic" results. This is obviously a very subjective and personal opinion so I won't take the topic any further, other than to say that for my part the technique I decide to use in my work, while very much using the capacity of this digital medium, isn't subject to it. I still control the pencil or brush so to speak, even if it's a virtual one.

Having said that however..."what a pencil, and what a brush". While my style remains similar to my older non digital (traditional airbrush) work, this new medium has allowed me to introduce a greater degree of detail that to be quite frank I wouldn't have been previously capable of.

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