Winnel, Bec

Whereas plenty of modern illustrators start off traditionally in their sketchbooks and finish their work digitally, Bec Winnel does it the other way around. She enjoys continually experimenting with different mediums. Bec starts digitally and, using Photoshop and reference images, she’ll build up a composition. The artwork is then completed using pens, soft subdued pastels, acrylic and watercolours with special attention paid to particular details – usually around the focal-point. She enjoys creating detailed, beautiful portraits of women, often accompanied by elements of nature and items from bygone eras, with subjects fading into or out of the background, as if they are nearly there or speaking to you from a distant place.

A resident of Kiewa Valley, Victoria, Australia, Bec Winnel is represented by Thinkspace Gallery US, Just Another Agency AU and Illustration Ltd, a member of PRISMA Artist Collective and an advocate with Element Eden.

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