Russell, Andy

Born in Buffalo, New York in 1945, Andy has always had a love of art and for creating imaginative lands of well-being. As a boy, he often entertained the neighborhood kids with his clay model cities of unique architectural structures. Finger-painting in kindergarten was his first and last encounter with formal art training and he still uses this technique today to smooth and blend paint. Andy's love of art and creativity was shared and encouraged by his aunt, a painter and architectural draftsperson. Even though he held such non-art related jobs as steel worker, life insurance salesman, field investigator, car rental manager, and electronic parts salesman, this could not stifle the passion and desire Andy had for pursuing his dream.

At about age thirty, having dabbled in various self-improvement techniques, Andy began to experience dream after dream of incredible lands of peace, beauty, and tranquility where one could skate across the landscape on thin air or soar into the sky to see the splendor below. There was beautiful, unique foliage and incredible architecture. He had literally hundreds of these dreams, which inspired him to share them with the world through his art. From his dreams he was able to develop his own unique style. Once his art style was established, he began to mix in his own imagination and experiences. He would see something and immediately transform it into his own original dreamscape style. A glazing technique of layering thin washes of color over another proved to be the best technique to achieve that soft illuminated effect. The colors seem to glow within, enhancing the dreamlike quality. Andy began showing and selling his work gradually at first. Demand for his art increased to the point where, in 1991, he took the leap to full-time artist and hasn't looked back since.

Traveling became an enjoyable way to experience new ideas as well as sell his work. As his travel experiences expanded, so did his palette. He began painting the warm colors of the Arizona red rocks and the cool tropical colors of Maui beaches. Experiencing new places helped deepen his understanding of life - its harmony, its varied means of expressing beauty, its constant change, and the miracle of underlying energy. Today, Andy is a signature member of the National Acrylic Painters Association (NAPA) with headquarters in England and a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists. His artwork is well represented in corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad including GTE, Aero Instruments and Avionics, Armand Castellani (Castellani Art Museum), General Motors, and celebrity artist Peter Max. Andy's work is constantly evolving, yet always hanging on to that dream-like quality. If asked how he feels about his painting, he would reply, "My dreams have definitely come true!"

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