Togel, Conni

Sheep Incognito are a stream of sheep art and lamb paintings flowing from the paintbrushes of American contemporary artist, Conni Togel in Anderson, SC in her studio at the Charisma Art Gallery, LLC.

The ever popular painting series has become a phenomenon in the art world, and has won awards at many fine art shows around the nation. The paintings are a continuation of Conni's artistic path that meandered past small watercolor paintings, a series of very popular Flowerfairy sketches, a smaller series of wizards and fairytale creatures, a very large range of over 2500 original oil paintings of various subject matter created between 1995 and 2013, and her now growing flock of the fun and unusual Sheep Incognito flock of paintings.

Here on the website, you will find a gathering of Conni's entire artistic path thus far - and here is also where you can join the further meanderings of her flock of slightly off-kilter Sheep Incognito, and whatever else she may dream up in the future.

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