Fedorova, Tatiana

Tatiana Fedorova was born in 1957 in small city of Shatura, which is located in the Moscow region. From a young age she was interested in drawing. She also loved ballet. She entered the Fedoskino Art School in 1974. Her teachers were B.P.Gorodilin and G.I.Larishev. Alla Kozlova was her classmate.

Tatiana successfully completed her studies in 1978. After completing her studies she began working in the "creative group" at the Fedoskino Lacquer Miniature Factory under G. Larishev. Her works can be found in private collections in Russia Holland, England, USA, and Norway among other countries. In her art, Tatiana frequently turns to Russian themes.

She enjoys reading and re-reading the great Russian writers. Their works often inspire her own art. Tatiana also enjoys painting flowers, which she paints on large and small boxes, eggs, plates, and any other form that inspires her. Flowers touch her by their natural and luxuriant colors. Her daughter is also an artist. Tatiana passes shares with her the family secret of miniature painting. In her free time she loves to visit the theater.

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