Phelan, Ravynne

Ravynne Phelan has been painting since the year 2000. In her teenage years, many told her a career in art was an unattainable dream; some actively discouraged it. But she believes that some dreams are more than just dreams; they are destiny, and it was her destiny to become an artist. Self-taught, she has spent the years since then learning and refining the necessary skills and techniques, and developing her bold, colorful style. It is a style that has become recognizable regardless of the medium used and the subject depicted.

For this artist, her art is the key and the genre of fantasy is the doorway. Both have lead Ravynne to explore realms both real and imagined. A painter of dragons, mythology, goddesses and faeries, her works often also echo her spiritual beliefs. Fantasy and faith are intimately entwined.

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