Harrison, Molly

My name is Molly Harrison and I am an artist working out of my home studio in the beautiful northern California valley. I reside with my husband, two kids, four cats, and one dog.
I have been creating art as long as I can remember. It is probably the one piece of me that has remained constant - my love for art. There is a certain calm that comes over one when creating that is how I know it is where I belong. It is my escape, my passion, and my job. I have been a working artist since May of 2003 and continue to learn and develop new ideas and skills as an artist. I hope to continue to grow as an artist and a business woman.
My inspirations come from many places. Nature, emotions, children's books, my family and my pets, other artists. It is a joy for me to bring to you a little piece of my heart and mind through watercolor imagery, acrylic, and some digital.

I have a BA in Communications - Illustration Design - from California State University Chico. I am mostly self taught, however, owing the majority of my success to practice, my family, and my wonderful customers from all over the world! If it wasn't for you and your encouragement and support, the lifelong dream of being a working artist would not be feasible. I am ever grateful for your patronage.
I love to interact with my fellow artists and customers on my social media sites - mainly Facebook. Please see my art page, The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison for art updates and works in progress.

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