Nixon, Arden Ellen

Arden Ellen Nixon is an artist of many moods and mediums, but she is most commonly found awash in music and paint. Be it the rare sculpture or her beloved watercolors and acrylics, Arden’s art reflects her love of literature, history, mythology, and life in general, to say nothing of her quirky sense of humor and her ongoing obsession with Alice in Wonderland. Like Alice, Arden looks to her dreams for inspiration, and preserves with both pen and paint the fantastical worlds therein. Be the subject sacred animals or Isis, Cheshire cats or winged watchers of our world: if she hasn’t painted it yet, it’s only for lack of time.

Arden’s current projects include fantasy and animal-themed calendars for the upcoming year (links to this years are provided below), illustrations for her own short stories and novels, as well as designs for a Nature Tarot Deck featuring animals from all walks and waves of the wild kingdom. While animals are a relatively recent phase, they have proven themselves worthy subjects for an artist who forever strives to capture what we share with each other and our world while preserving the differences that make every being and environment unique.

Arden currently resides with her pirate and a pride of felines, all of them surrounded by books, paintings, and non-existant wall space.

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