Allain, Jessica

"My name is Jessica Allain, I am 33 years of age and reside in Canada. I have been doing digital art for almost 4 years now. I am completely self taught and I love dark fantasy art, as well as many other genres. I began as a traditional artist in my teenage years and later developed a fascination for digital art. I specialize in photo manipulation accompanied by digital painting and sometimes 3D rendering."

Jessica Allain is a Montreal-based freelance graphic artist. Emotion, fantasy, elegance and a strong sense of composition and color are key elements of her work. Jessica can take any photos and convey a story with some elements of her work while remaining mysterious and open-ended to viewer’s interpretation. It is not uncommon to look at her masterpiece and have a sense of magic in her work. She takes each and every piece of her artwork beyond expectation and not only creates magnificent artwork, but an enjoyable experience.

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