Hess, Christina

Christina studied illustration and graduated from University of the Arts a long long time ago. Since then she has worked as an illustrator and designer in the publishing industry. She likes to draw ornate things. She likes to paint stories with ornate things. She likes the word "intricate" which she was chastised for liking many moons ago at yearbook camp. That's right....yearbook camp.

Her love of all things detailed has won her awards and admittance into annuals and competitions such as Imagine FX Magazine Artist of the Month, first place in (no name) art group grant, Phillustration 4 Best of Show, Spectrum 18,19 & 20, Exotique 7, Silver Award for Self Promo category in the Society of Illustrators 50 LA, Expose 10 & 11 and 3x3 Magazine's Pro Show. Christina is currently working on several freelance jobs and teaching at a few local art colleges.

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