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The magical weavings of Welsh Artist Jen Delyth are founded in a deep connection to her Celtic heritage. Her original iconographic designs express our mythic connection to the natural world, through original Celtic paintings and illustrations which explore the language of myth and symbol inspired by Celtic Folklore and the Spirit within Nature.
Jen was born and raised in Wales, and came to northern California in 1986 where her connection and interest in her Welsh/Celtic heritage gave focus to her work. In 2011, she began her independent publishing company Ninth Wave Publishing,presenting Celtic Art Studio - a line of Celtic Art, Licensing and Publishing. Jen hand-makes her Limited Edition Fine Art Prints & Giclee canvas's in her studio, where she paints, writes, designs, and runs Ninth Wave Publishing. Her inspirational Celtic artwork has been widely published and exhibited internationally, and can be seen in her best selling “Celtic Mandala” Calendar, Journals and Greeting Cards, Keltic Designs jewelry and textiles, books and Fine Art Prints and paintings found through her web site"

Jen is well known for her original works, which inspire a fresh connection with the beauty and wisdom of the ancient tribes, whilst contributing to the living tradition by creating new archetypal images that resonate with us today. She draws from ancient metaphors while integrating the visual motifs and language of Celtic patterns into original new designs. She finds the symmetry of form and symbol that expresses living archetypes. Her work is stylistically contemporary,iconographic, reflecting spiritual and philosophical roots which embody universal themes that reflect her love of nature and Celtic symbolism.

Her body of work spans an array of media including traditional egg tempera painting, oil painting, printmaking, textile design as well as computer illustration and multimedia animation. Her new book "Celtic Folk Soul, Art, Myth & Symbol" is a richly detailed retrospective of her work of the last 20 years. Jen explores through art and poetry,symbol and archetype, myth and history, the essence of the living tradition of the Celtic Folk Soul.

"The Celtic Folk-Soul dances at the heart of a living tradition, representing the spirit of her people, their stories, their land and their memories from the early tribes through to us today. An ancient thread weaves back through art, myth and poetry connecting us to a complex mysticism expressing the interconnection and balance of all living things. Through many challenges and migrations the Folk- Soul sings of the beauty of life, even within the darkness - perhaps particularly then. This is the language, the poetic key to the mysteries that is the source of my inspiration and journey as an artist." - Jen Delyth

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