Rodrigue, Annie

"I love: Sunflowers, fairies, cats, decorating, cooking, receiving mail,The Looney Toons, Peter Pan, reading, sleeping, sewing, birds, snow, autumn, renovating, art books, analysing movies, playing videogames, go and the list goes on... "- Annie Rodrigue

Annie is both a painter of fantasy and an animator at heart. Ever since she was ten, she knew that animation and illustration would play an important part in her life. She is fascinated by children's book illustration and loves to read and create short whimsical stories. She hopes to become a teller of tales through images and animated short films.

A 2002 college graduate in classical animation from the Cegep du Vieux Montreal, she worked as a freelance illustrator and animator part-time for 4 years. But since November 2006, she decided to take her craft even more seriously by working full-time home or in studios.

It is this illustrator's wish that she can touch others with her whimsical work. It is with a lot of pride and joy that she shares her imaginative world to people of all ages either through the web, exhibitions or conventions.

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