Hurst, Sharon

As a child, I dreamed of dragons and their hoards of jewels. Now, as an adult, I paint the dragons and make the jewelry!
In my teens I found inspiration in the wonderful vinyl record album art and the imagery in Tolkien's “Lord of the Rings”. It caught my imagination and nurtured the desire to try and create the images that I had in my head. The lure of the Fantasy world has never left me, I enjoy the process of creation and watching my characters come to life on the page just adds to the thrill of it!

I was Chairman of Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society from 2002 – 2006, and have been an Area Coordinator for the Hampshire Artists organization.
Since 2003 I have worked closely with Churchers College Junior School and more recently Selborne School during their Art Week, bringing the joy and chaos of silk painting and fantasy watercolours to the pupils’ classrooms. I have worked with Petersfield Youth Theatre producing scenery for productions (“Oliver!” and “Robin Hood” to name just two), racking my brains to create props fiendishly devised by a brilliant Director! In 2007 I was commissioned to paint an illustration of a legendary Japanese water sprite for a book on Sushi.

I have on occasion been invited to judge art competitions at Village Fetes and for Art Societies and have sometimes tied knots in Craft Groups as we have grappled with the difficulties of beading. Since 2006 I have organized, run and participated in several local craft fairs and have started the tradition of a Christmas Fair at the house each year with invited local artists. In November of every year I organize a week long Exhibition of local artists in St Peters Church here in Petersfield. The aim is to showcase local talent.

I am a Demonstrator of Fantasy Art or Silk Painting, primarily to Art and Craft Societies, and I travel to any interesting location that my agent cares to send me! I have painted watercolour illustrations for several books. I also have work included in a forthcoming book of 101 Tips for Artists. Peaceful moments at home are spent working on Fantasy Portrait Commissions.
I have recently filmed several episodes of "A Splash of Paint" for The Painting and Drawing Channel and have produced my first two Teaching Art DVDs.

I have featured in one episode of the series "Fraser and Friends". I was lucky enough to take Fraser to the Watts Chapel in Compton.

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