Carlson, Steven Paul

Steven's first discovery of the visual arts was at age 7. From the very beginning he showed a strong aptitude for creating figures and faces. Having no formal art education, Steven's expertise has come solely from personal study and experimentation. This self taught approach accounts for the unique look and pure originality of his work.

Following High School, Steven was an illustrator and designer with an advertising agency. Eventually he started his own freelance studio. He was a courtroom artist, on-air illustrator and graphic artist for a major Twin Cities television station.

In the year 2000, Steven decided to pursue his dream of being a "fine artist" (non commercial). In just one year his collection of work soared from two pieces to over thirty. This past year Steven has shown his unique and popular work in a number of art shows and street art fairs, as well as the Minnesota and Arizona Renaissance Festivals.
Warning!! Some images portrayed my not be suitable for all viewers

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