Del Rio, Raul

Raul describes his painting style as “Modern Primitive”. His work allows him to combine two main interests: Nature and Heritage. Raul grew up in the border towns of Matamoros, MX and Brownsville, TX. He Studied at the Acadamia de San Carlos in Mexico City, after exploring the field of Architecture at Texas A&M University. Raul studied graphic design, illustration and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. “His love for vibrant color and passionate design make his work so exhuberant and distinctive.” del Rio’s work has been commissioned by, and is affiliated with many Environmental Organizations: Greenpeace, Earth Island, Conservation Int’l, Environmental Defense Club, Humane Farming Association, Animal Voice Magazine and National Wildlife Federation.

The San Francisco Zoological Society, Marine World Africa USA., The San Antonio Zoo, Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville Texas and Cribari Wines in California have commissioned his work for poster use. His work has been published in national and international magazines, books and reproduced in the Gift/Stationery Industry: Greeting Cards, Posters, Calendars and other formats. He has received several national and regional awards for illustration.

Raul has worked in various Art Departments in the publishing business as Designer and Art Director in addition to working as an illustrator. Currently, he resides in Novato, CA, employed part-time, devoting the rest of his time to painting and pursuing freelance projects
Licensed by Persistence of Vision, LLC .

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