MacKimmie, John Ross

I have been living and creating artwork in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts since 1984. Much of my artwork tends to have a spiritual, mystical feel to it, as I am often pondering the unseen and mysteries of this life. Certain individuals have told me that my work has an uplifting, beneficial effect on them which could be the result of the combinations of the designs and the vibrations of the colors within the art. I truly enjoy creating fun, colorful, elaborate images by combining different geometric patterns and designs from different world cultures…but especially from my own Scottish/ Celtic heritage. I am particularly intrigued( as well as awed and bewildered at times) by the complexity of ancient Celtic knot work patterns and designs. I have long been obsessed with the vast infinity of the cosmos, and the enigmatic nature of “space-time”…or more to the point for me, what I believe may indeed lie beyond linear space and time. The sheer endless number of star systems and galaxies are difficult to wrap one’s mind around…and it seems to want to continuously manifest in my art. I am quite “old school” in my approach to rendering an original piece. I work as a traditional oil painter would and start with the background and work forward(usually) from darkest colors to the lightest. I spend man hours on each piece using a variety of brushes. I constantly refine details and add multiple layers of paint to highlight to a brightness ( I call it “polishing”) that contrasts with the darker and shadowed areas of the composition. My goal is to have the art really spring to life and almost “jump out” at the viewer. Larger pieces may take a couple of months to complete. Smaller ones around 3 weeks to a month, if I really “lean into it’ as they say. I truly hope you enjoy what I’ve created! John Ross MacKimmie John MacKimmie/ Licensed by Persistence of Vision, LLC

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