Gerhardt, Cherie (Mystic Moon Media)

"My name is Cherie Gerhardt. I have been creating artwork all my life. I grew up in the U.S. in Wisconsin. My career as a tattoo artist began right out of high school. I tattooed for over four years, creating mostly custom work. I am an adventurer at heart, so it did not surprise me to find myself in college. I received a degree in Graphic Design and began working for a local print shop. This is when Mystic Moon Media was born. I started by creating my traditional art of ink, watercolor and acrylic, but my love for the computer drove me to what I do today, Digital Artistry."

For those who personally know Cherie Gerhardt, it came as no surprise when she chose to become a professional artist right out of high school. Her lifelong love affair with art led her to master skills in tattooing, graphic design, ink drawings, watercolors,and acrylic painting. However, when she began dabbling with computer drawing programs, she discovered her true passion was for digital artistry. Cherie Gerhardt's art pieces are heavily influenced by her interest in mythical creatures and fairy tales. Her fantasy drawings range from sexy and serious to innocent and heart-warming, making it easy to find a piece of art that is suitable for a wide variety of ages and interests.

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