Marie, Joan

Joan Marie has an inspirational beauty within her work. It is ethereal and mysterious, while at the same time earthy and real. Her lines appear fluid and soft. One is aware she has a message to share.

The inspirational moment that created Joan Marie’s artistic life occurred when she was a student, standing awe-struck under Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. “If art can be that powerful, I have to be a part of it.” From that moment on she has been driven to achieve the goal for her art, to uplift, to soar, and to express the truth of life as she experiences it. Her art is a reflection of the progression her life has taken, and the spiritual lessons she has learned that give her life fulfillment and exhilaration.
Millions of copies of her art have sold internationally for years. She is represented by both national and European agencies, displayed in galleries, featured on the covers, and showcased in numerous publications. The popularity of her art is the result of the joy and warmth her art emits.

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