Nichol, Janelle

Janelle grew up in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and still resides there today. She has always been very creative and loves trying new things and she is always looking for some creative outlet. Music has and is a huge part of Janelle’s life and is what inspires her in all of her creative outlets. Growing up, she was always a musician and started her career in teaching music. She did that until she had little children and it became too difficult to balance the long hours of practicing and teaching while being a mother.
Janelle says she loves art because she can get lost in it. She enjoys the feeling of being placed in another time or place. She finds that many of her own artworks include flowers, and greenery, really anything representing nature and she loves to include something unexpected or hidden in each of her works. Of course, there is always music playing in the background while she is dreaming about such scenes. Janelle says, “I feel that my art is a visual representation of the emotions I feel when I am listening to music.”

Janelle’s inspiration comes from all of the above and more. When she was in high school, her class went on a music tour throughout Britain and Europe. She sang in the choir ad played in the band. That experience definitely changed Janelle’s life and ever since then, she dreams of the next time she can visit Europe. She has only been back once since those high school days, but remains awe struck by the musical history and architecture of Europe.

Presently, Janelle finds time to do her art while being a wife and taking care of three young children. Family and faith is important to her and the delightful relationships between sisters and friends is evident in her symbolic collections and is often portrayed in her works. Some of Janelle’s favorite things to create on her pieces are playful and sweet children and strong, confident, and sometimes whimsical poses of women. She particularly enjoys creating calming and dreamy backgrounds mixed with abstract elements. Janelle’s art is described as abstract folk-art and she enjoys working with various mediums to create unique works that are inspirational and sustainable.

Some artists that inspire Janelle are Claude Monet and Renoir and more recently, Pino Daeni. She is particularly drawn to the colors and scenes expressed in Monet’s works and the figures in Pino’s art. In the past year Janelle has expanded her portfolio to include the WC (Watercolor) Collection which includes images that focus on fashion and style. In her Fine Art Paintings, Janelle blends her abstract, dreamy backgrounds with elegant figures of beautiful women in moments of contemplation and meditation.

It is said that music & art are the highest form of human expression and Janelle agrees with that sentiment to her core.

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