Lamb Shannon, Kay

Kay Lamb Shannon has a unique technique of presenting her favorite subjects of wildlife and nostalgia in detailed realism which reflects her love and appreciation of these subjects. She is credited with achieving an almost photographic quality in her work which she renders in oil through the use of a limited palette. Each painting is prepared with a soft, no textured affect which enhances the detail that makes her work distinctive. The paintings are glazed and varnished.

Home Interiors printed her paintings for many years. Scafa Tornabene, a large wholesale print company located in New York distributes her prints nationally.

Bentley House in California also printed her work. They sold one of her paintings to a Japanese company that printed her work as a puzzle. Another of her paintings was transferred into a cross stitch pattern for Dimension Cross Stitch. She also paints for two puzzle companies, Bits and Pieces and Sunout.

A native of Stephenville, Texas, Kay Lamb Shannon earned a B.S. degree from Sam Houston State University and taught classroom art for several years. She now lives in Waco, Texas.

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