Shannon, John

Hello and welcome, as you have probably guessed my name is John Emanuel Shannon. I was born in Sheffield England but about 10 years ago I moved to the beautiful Islands of Malta, I am 33 and live with my Son Julian.

Having been introduced to Photoshop by a friend I quickly became hooked and have been drawing now since the age of 30, I am completely self taught learning as best as I can from various art magazines and books and from the many online tutorials available on the internet.

Although I am a latecomer to the world of art I have always had an interest in fantasy especially the works of Tolkien and it is from there that I get most of my inspiration, with such great artists like John Howe and Alan Lee who I am a huge fan of.

My ambition is to work as a Freelance Artist and perhaps even one day have my own book on Digitally Created Art.

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