Thompson, Mary

About the Artist:

In the early years of Mary's career she painted oils on canvas. She loved using brushes as well as painting knives to reveal vibrant strokes of light and Shadows. Each canvas expressed harmony and a peek into Mary's romantic nature.

Born in Washington D.C., Mary Thompson has been making a living over for 30 years through art. She has often said "I love my God given gift". This is something Mary takes very serious. Mary has also continued to study and evolve over the years from early childhood.

Mary attended Suitland Community College and the College of Southern MD on her continued path of development. Mary has also taken many private lessons from her respected peers. Her art has transpired into a satisfying lifelong career. Mary expresses on canvas her personal views from her heart.

She has successfully raised four children. She also has a very adventurous spirit. She is well traveled in the US, as well as Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Over a decade ago she freelanced in the print market. Because of the versatility of her work, she has had over 60 paintings published, all of which have sold internationally. Several years ago some of Mary's images were sold for tote bags and apparel at zoo's. A portion of the proceeds were given to help the Rain Forest Alliance, Rivers of America, and Conservation International.

For years, Mary participated in art festivals and has had her originals displayed and sold in prestigious galleries from Miami, FL to Scottsdale, AZ. Mary Volunteered her time to paint on a mural at the Brevard County Zoo.

Mary has moved past all of that and opened a new door in the digital art field. Mary explored and took lessons to develop art work she is now offering for licensing. She currently has puzzles licensed and is expanding her horizons.

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