Burnette, Nikki

Fantasy art is where my heart lies. I love being able to escape the reality of our world for even just a few hours and enter a new fantasy realm where witches play tricks on Halloween Night, fairies fly around the sweet smelling rosebuds, and mermaids swim gracefully through the water with their dolphin friends. I enjoy making characters and often create stories for them so that you can enjoy their fantasy worlds as much as I do! Animals are a huge inspiration for me as well, and you can often find them hiding in my paintings whether it be a bird on a witch's hat or a flamingo in a pool in the background!

I mainly use watercolor and ink to create my fantasy fairies, witches, and mermaids and offer my art in many different sizes including ACEO (2.5 x 3.5"), 5 x 7", and 8 x 10". I turn my original art into a variety of items to offer you a fun way to experience my art! I create hand-embellished limited edition prints, custom paintings, magnets, stickers, bookmarks and more! These are all made in my studio and shipped to you by me, the artist! I feel so privileged to be able to do something that I enjoy so much every day and am thrilled that you have taken the time to read a little bit more about me and my art!

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