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Here at HAED we strive to make the stitching journey as fun, yet easy, as possible so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. We are a Counted Cross Stitch shop that offers artwork that has been charted for the needle. VK_2052

Before we start BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP!!!! This cannot be expressed enough and please back up your charts to more than one device or service. We cannot replace charts without a $3.00 fee (The order cannot be more than a year old) to cover royalties and we cannot replace any retired charts at all. You have 14 days to download your chart and if you lose a chart that is less than a year old we can reset it for you by emailing [email protected] with your order number. Orders more than a year old cannot be reset.

First up, a gentle reminder. HAED has something for everyone and while our designs may seem daunting to the uninitiated all our designs are just one X at a time, we promise, but if that’s still a little bit too terrifying we also have mini’s, smaller designs such as Quick Stitches and even some Beginners charts to get that needle started. For us it is about the journey and having fun, one little X at a time.

Digital File Restrictions PDF downloads cannot be exchanged or refunded once the file is downloaded and in your possession. Downloads may not be shared or resold with any individual, company, or group. Please refer to the Copyright paragraph further below for more information.

Special Services HAED offers many services to enhance the adventure including requesting Mini’s, Quick Stitches, Supersize and others. These can all be found under the Special Service section of the website and to purchase simply add the service to your cart making sure to state the name of the chart you want this service to apply to. To purchase a SS with MC for the same chart you will need to purchase both the MC and the SS service. Please DO NOT purchase the chart now as a new chart needs to be created for either service and this takes time. Once completed the chart will either be sent to you or placed on the site for purchase. This includes Color Charts, if you want a Black and White Version in addition to Color you will need to purchase both formats.

Lay Away (Layby) Program HAED offers a Lay Away Program and you just put your chart choices in your cart and then click the choice of Lay Away, you will then be prompted to choose your length of time to pay it off. You must remit a 10% down payment within 24 hours to [email protected] via Pay Pal. All orders without a down payment will be cancelled within 24 hours. All payments made on Lay Away are non-refundable.

Returns/Lost Packages In the event that your mailed package is lost we cannot be held responsible. Due to the number of lost packages recently we can no longer replace/refund them. We do not accept returns of any kind due to the nature of our product. Please make sure you keep your address up to date on the site, if we ship to an old address that has not been updated we will need to charge you for the reship cost.

International Shipping Disclaimer for Needle Minders All International shipments require Air Transport. Magnets can potentially disrupt the compass in an airplane's navigational system. Needle Minders are classified as Hazardous Material. Therefore, all international shipments with Needle Minders are packed and mailed according to US Export Regulations. You will be receiving a separate $3.00 USD invoice per Needle Minder for the additional packing supplies. Please be advised that each country carries its own regulations as well. Order at your own risk. Heaven and Earth assumes no responsibility for parcels declined due to Needle Minders.

Sending a RAK You may purchase a design for a friend or random recipient. To do this simply purchase the chart as per normal and once complete there will two buttons, download or transfer. Hit transfer, enter your recipient’s email address and send it on its merry way. Then sit back and wait for the smiles.

Birthday Club You may purchase a Birthday Club and this entitles you to any single chart on the site for $15.00, a small way to celebrate your Birthday,this can be found in the Special Services section of the site.

A little tidbit on HAED Material Packs: I often get emails asking why they take so long so here is a quick breakdown of the process.
Work book needs to be created to formulate the floss needs for the MP. This is a very complex process with tons of Macro's imbeded, thank you Lesli Daniels for creating this part, it is the most important aspect of the process.
Maison Norris then moves symbols and colors line by line to a card which has 14 colors each, There are 7 cards for a regular MP then the cards are laminated and hole punched one at a time.
The floss is then wrapped by hand from cones and then rings are attached to the cards and then floss colors applied as they are wrapped.
Fabric is then cut/serged and wrapped in tissue. Cards are threaded with HAED ribbon and then bagged for protection.
Goodies are then all put together and then QA'd for quality. Each needle into each case, each threader into a drawstring bag that we have made for us.
We generally have an average of about 90 kits in the que daily so if you do the math, that is 270 hours with one full time person and one part time person.
Ship - Each kit takes about 3 hours for the floss and then another hour for the final prep.
The Que process:
Mps to be done (holding)
Floss cards to be prepped (Call sheets made and floss cards prepped)
Order sent to kitting table - Rings are applied to cards (this is a tough process as those buggers are tight)
Floss cards wound (packing and then fabric cutting/serging/wrapping)


Mini's are full sized artwork that are charted smaller in size. With the reduction of size please keep in mind that there is a loss of detail by sometimes as much as 30%. The more detail the original artwork has the more detail will be lost in the conversion to a Mini. Mini's will also have a lot of confetti in them as well.

Acronyms (Meanings of abbreviations)
NO BK - No Background
QS - Quick Stitch - A section of the original artwork
SAS - Select a Size - Great option if you are looking for a certain size piece such as for a box top or a certain frame.
RAS - Request a Size (these are custom sized charts)
SK - Storykeep - Long narrow designs
SS - Supersize - VERY large designs with the maximum amount of detail
CE - Color Expansion - Using from 90 to 250 colors
PTP - These are designed to be done using a Petit Point stitch which is a half cross but they can be done on any fabric, full cross etc.
MC - Max Colors - The maximum amount of colors available which is 250
BAP – Big Ass Project
WIP – Work in Progress
UFO – nickname given to an abandoned piece
RAK – Random act of Kindness
SAL – Stitch a Long
Frog – Having to rip out stitches.

Some chart titles are very popular. If multiple artworks are sharing a title, the artist's initials are added. For example, Queen of Hearts is available from Linda Ravenscroft as LR Queen of Hearts, and Hannah Lynn as Queen of Hearts HLD etc.

Common acronyms used in cross stitching
SAL (Stitch a Long)
Frog (having to take out stitches)
WIP ( Work in Progress)
UFO (Unfinished Project)
BAP (Big Ass Project)
RAK (Random Act of Kindness)

What to do if my chart won't download or shows as expired?

Please send an email to [email protected] and we will get it rectified asap.

Chart Instructions:

A chart is made up of several numbered pages set out in a row starting from the top left hand corner:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Although each chart is marked with arrows that indicate the center, we believe it’s easier to begin from the top left corner of page 1 and follow the chart page by page to the bottom right corner of the last page.

Fabrics and Floss info

Please feel free to experiment with count and type of fabric to find the one you are most comfortable with. We always suggest doing a test piece before starting. When using a difference fabric count make sure to check your measurements as the size of fabric needed will change with each count, same goes for the floss quantities. Here is a resource for floss quantities: https://www.ursasoftware.com/Howto/estimate/

At the top of the thread list you will find our recommendation for the fabric color. We recommend purchasing a piece of fabric that equates to the design size plus 3 inches [75mm] on each side to allow for framing and matting.

Because of the large number of stitches, we have found it to be easier if you stitch one 10X10 grid at a time and then continue on to the next 10 x 10 grid. To avoid lines we recommend that you work on a diagonal and drift a few stitches into the next 10 x 10.

Stitch each page until it is completed and then move on to the next. On each page there is a number at the top left that indicates the page number. On each corner is a number in parenthesis that indicates the connecting page, unless there is not one.

Our designs use no back stitching and are all whole stitches.

A word about stitching styles and our floss usage chart. The floss usage is designed for 25ct fabric using two strands (some use just one strand and you will want to cut the usage amount in half), if you are using a different fabric be sure to calculate your floss amounts as it will change. For smaller count fabrics a lot of folks stitch our designs using the Tent method or Half Cross which is a / rather than a X and this will save you a significant amount of time stitching. If using Tent you will want to play with the number of strands in order to get the best coverage for your chosen count of fabric. You will also see that we use partial calculations for the skein amounts,, such as 1.20 this would be slightly over a full skein etc.

DMC has changed some colors and if you find a color has been replaced by one already in your chart you may replace the discontinued color with the one replaced, DMC has also had some name changes and DMC 1 is WHITE or BLANC.

Parking - Parking is a method that some folks use and here is a great video on how to Park your threads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdp4-traCo4

Substitutes - Some of our designs call for Kreinik 032, some like it and some don't. You may substitute either Petite Treasure Braid or DMC Light Effects or simply B5200 if you don't want any sparkle. A little tip for Kreinik, use short lengths to prevent fraying and certainly use beeswax conditioner to keep it under control. Don't get panicky if you are using it for the first and it is frustrating, it is a matter of getting use to working with this type of thread. Patience and slow pulls for your stitches are key.


Under International Copyright Laws, you may copy the chart for your own use and we recommend that you use a copy as your working document. You may also wish to enlarge the pages to make the symbols easier to read.

Copyright is a very serious issue and you may not upload our charts to the web, you may sell your original hard copy if you like (you may make one working copy but that cannot be sold) but only the version that is purchased through us, you may not print a PDF and sell. You may sell your finished piece at your discretion but you may not sell multiple finishes of the same design, this requires licensing as it then becomes a business.

Stitching Tools

Frames- We recommend Hearthside Craftworks, they have several options and their Mark2 floor frame is beyond awesome!

Beeswax conditioner is a great natural product and very helpful in keeping your floss conditioned and helps the stitches to lay flat.

Countess - Our Countess is a stitch marking tool that allows you to only count your stitches once. Place the first pin at the start of the row, count over and place the second pin at the end. You are then free to leave your work without the significant other's dreaded phrase of "Let me finish this row", great for potty breaks too!

Threader - Our threaders are amazing and handmade by us, they are invaluable for threading your needle if you have eyesight problems. There is a video on the site on how to use it under Videos.

Tucker - A great tool in order catch your short ends on the back of your work, there is also a video on its use under Videos.
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