Sato, Jun

Welcome to the world of Jun Sato!!

In Jun Sato's world, all kinds of animals come alive in fresh colours, living beautifully in tropical forests and coral reef oceans.

Junsato traveled around a lot of countries of Europe when it was in its twenties. He was impressed by a beautiful church. He was impressed by building and the town in Europe. He saw a lot of paintings in Europe. The painting of Europe inspired in him.

Women in his paintings evoke the image of nuns and sisters who live in the old western churches and temples. Surrounded by things of beauty, the women contemplate and raise prayer to God.

Sato uses the "Made matiere" method on Chikushi, (handmade bamboo paper), to create his work. This new type of art creates an oriental atmosphere throughout his works, combining texture, amazing detail, and vibrant colors.
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