Allen, Tom

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Tom Allen was born in Ohio in 1951. His family moved to Wisconsin in 1957. Tom graduated from Menasha High School in 1969.
He served in the National Guard and Army Reserve before he attended Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music, where he met and married his best friend, Nancy. Tom served as college staff artist and photographer. In 1980, he established his commercial photo, type house and art studio.

In 1981, Tom and Nancy were blessed with their first child, Jesse. Ben was born in 1983 and Martha in 1985. Tom has cleverly hidden the names of his children in his illustrations since each one's birth.

In 1989, the Allen family made their way to Florida and co-founded Zion's Hope, Inc. which grew into a Biblical theme park in 2001, The Holy Land Experience. Tom was responsible for building the first exhibit, a 45 foot by 25 foot model of Jerusalem 66 A.D. He also served as Art Director, Director of Media, and Director of Special Products until 2006 when he devoted his full attention to Friendly Greetings, Inc., home of The Friendly Kritters and Kritter Valley.

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