Schlick, Bente

Bente was born in September 1986 in Northern Germany and currently living and working in Hamburg.

She has worked for a number of art and computer magazines, book publishers and clients in the games & advertising industry. The main scope of her work are fantasy themes. She's inspired by legends, myths, poems, fantasy stories and music.

Bente is a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Joseph von Eichendorff, Rainer Maria Rilke, J.R.R Tolkien, Phillip Pulman, Cornelia Funke and Neil Gaiman and moreover she's inspired by other fantasy-artists like Alan Lee, John Howe, Howard D. Johnson, Brian Froud and old master painters like William Bouguereau, Hans Zaztka and John W. Waterhouse.

However, Bente has also done non-fictional work (including storyboards for films, comic, children’s book illustrations and nature illustrations).

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