Gavrilov, Oleg

Oleg was born in Russia in the winter of 1964 in a Moscow suburb. With his schoolmates playing outside in the streets, Oleg instead could be found spending hours admiring the beauty of nature in the Russian woods. As a child Oleg discovered his gift for drawing, and he insisted that his parents enroll him in a local Art School for children. His interest in art led to a wondrous collection of stamps depicting nature, and his favorites were the ones alive with colorful flowers and shimmering butterflies. One stamp in particular caught his attention - it showed a beautiful metal tray painted with intense bright flowers. Oleg was entranced by the beauty of this artwork and decided on the spot to master the difficult skills of such painting. In only three years of study and practice at the Russian College for Iron Tray Painters, Oleg graduated and was awarded the title of Master Artist of top rank, ordinarily given only after many years of exceptional work.

  Soon Oleg began work at the Iron Tray Workshop, where he joined a small group of original design artists. Here he has worked for 10 years, creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces distinct from the workshop's mass-produced products. Each work created by Oleg is an original still life composition of bright flowers, lively birds and sunlit butterflies which captures nature itself. During his years at the workshop Oleg was asked to teach an Art Class and share his talent and skills with young students. Several dozens of students have graduated from Oleg's class. At the workshop Oleg met an artist named Sasha, who is now his wife.  

  Recognizing Oleg's talent, the Russian State Department of Culture has exhibited his works at many State and International Exhibitions, and has commissioned his art work for heads of state and gifts of diplomacy. Oleg has become a member of the prestigious "Artists' Union of the USSR" - the highest artistic title in the former Soviet State.  

  In 1993 Oleg left the Workshop to become an independent freelance artist. This necessitated the family's move to Moscow where they live today, with their teenage son, far from the picturesque countryside. Yet Oleg's homage to his beloved forests shows in paintings now more vivid and enchanting than ever. Perhaps Oleg's unflagging inspiration springs from his eternal love of nature. Summers find him in his country house by a beautiful lake and throughout the year he embarks on long train trips to unspoiled forests and walks in the fields where, as he says, "... the sunrise is reflected in the drops of the morning dew and the flowers are the prettiest... And the fresh air fills (Oleg) with hope that his best work is yet to come...."  

  Since 1995 Oleg has been successfully collaborating with the California based licensing company Hope Inc. and his original art work has been licensed and most favorably received in the United States. Many of his paintings have been adapted by a number of large manufacturers including the Bradford Exchange, Spilsbury, Bits and Pieces and others. His talent for precise technique, blended with a loving eye for the beauty of natural life have, produced many treasured reproductions which are an inspiration and joy to so many.

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