Nevot, Lisa

Through her unique vision, enchanting art and inspirational writing, Lisa Steinke visually embodies the spirit of possibility and self-healing. A freelance artist since 1987, Lisa's work found its fullest expression in images of faeries that she explored in a wide variety of media and physical scale. Recently, Lisa felt it was no longer enough to just paint the faeries: they were insisting on being heard. With her company, The Faerie Gathering, Lisa creates a spectrum of artwork and merchandise for a worldwide market that combines inspirational images of faeries with motivational words that are informed by her own relationship and experiences with faerie. "The mission statement of The Faerie Gathering is simple; to reach as many as possible in the quietest of ways. Not yelling at them, “Change! Improve! Fix!”, but rather whispering to them, “you are an amazing being... adore who you are and all will be right with the world”."

Being passionate about the environment and driven to inspire Lisa hopes to introduce nature through the faeries and help us find our connection to our magical selves through our love for the mother earth.

"When you merge your human being with your soul being, a new enchanted being is created and the faeries rejoice."~ Lisa Steinke

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