Fitzsimons, Morgan

Morgan was born in the north of England in 1939. Drawing and painting since early childhood, her love of art was encouraged by a young art mistress at the age of 11 who urged her on to study the arts. Morgan went on to Liverpool University where she obtained an N.D.D., A.T.D. and B.A. Morgan has lived in a variety of places including Lancashire, Shropshire, Merseyside, North Wales, London and Peterborough and has spent a good deal of time overseas. At 21 she painted in the Place de Tetre with other students and exhibited with artists along the Seine. While in France she was inspired by the woods at Fontainebleau and the palace at Versailles. In more recent years she has spent time in Africa and U.S.A. Morgan was a teacher for twenty years and Head of Special Needs. She has a passion for knowledge and a love of books and while working as a teacher she wrote and illustrated for several publishers. She has painted and exhibited in the UK and overseas.

About Morgan’s current work

Morgan now writes and paints fantasy fiction sometimes incorporating myths and legends or history of our culture particularly Celtic, Norse, Anglo Saxon literature and artifacts. She also explores Biblical literature and connecting faiths and weaves into her fictional stories and paintings of angels some of her life experience. Her love of nature is apparent in exciting characters, vibrant images and the detailed decoration of much of her work reflects our cultures but also the mystical power of the spirit and the Creator of all things.

Morgan’s portraits are unique. Be whatever you want to be. Choose a simple portrait showing the basic you as the world sees you or dare to be different. Allow Morgan to create a setting and surround revealing your personality, dreams and aspirations.

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