Faulkner, Nancy

Nancy Faulkner is a world renowned illustrator and author who has been painting images for the gift industry since 1993. Her classic painting style brings an old world fairytale charm to her unique images. She wrote and illustrated Mother Goose (My First Treasury), and illustrated The Secret Remedy Book.

Nancy is a skillful and imaginative oil painter. Her work embodies qualities of the real and surreal on her website nancytaliaferro.com. She grew up in Baltimore, and as a young girl received years of training in classical painting techniques at The Schuler's School of Fine Art. She continued her studies at The Maryland Institute of Art, and received her BFA from the Philadelphia University of the Arts.
"My goal is to paint images that connect the viewer to that sense of mystery that is a part of all of us and our everyday world. The subjects that interest me are diverse, the common thread being the evocative quality of light and atmosphere that defines them. A true artist keeps reinventing themselves, exploring unfamiliar territory. I am passionate about light and shadow, and this intrigue fuels my relentless exploration of rich transparent glazes, combined with layers of thicker paint, to create images vibrating with life, and a tangible presence. When light touches an object, and projects it's unique shadow, the object and the space that define it become a mysterious, magnificent world in itself. My compositions emerge from elements taken from my own drawings and photographs, exploring rural landscapes on my bicycle. I also work in my studio, creating from ideas and elements in my drawings of still life compositions, people, animals, and particular objects, that connect me with with a deeper story of the human experience.

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