Newman, Tamara

Multimedia artist Tamara Newman was born in Kent in 1976. Her family then moved to the village of Abbotts Bromley in Staffordshire. This historical place with its rich Pagan history and traditions, such as the famous “Horn Dance”, helped nurture her interest in the parallel worlds of Myth and reality. In her adult life she has been a student at the fabulous Bretton Hall University of Art, a model and now a creative artist with a wonder for the fantastical.

Since childhood she has been compelled to draw, sculpt and paint in a quest to capture the sights and essence of dreams and stories of magical beings, particularly drawn to the Gryphon, Fairies and Dragons as symbols and guides of these magical worlds.

She began to concentrate solely on her artwork in 2009 with many new pieces being added to her portfolio.

In this short time her work has featured in publications such as FAE Magazine and The Magical Times as well as being sold through specialist shops like The Cat & Cauldron in Glastonbury, All My Beautiful Things in Cirencester and Willow Moon in Cornwall. All this and the many festivals of Art and Mythology she has appeared at with numerous other established artists has shown her ability to transcend the genres and appeal to a wide variety of collectors and enthusiasts.

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