Lusk, B.K.

B.K. Lusk has been a well selling artist and prestigious award and juried award winner for over a decade. Her work has been seen on television, in newspapers and publications nationally and you can find her art in galleries, private and corporate collections worldwide. You can also find reproductions of her work in stores, boutiques and online. She currently lives in Georgia with her husband of ten years and a few furry friends.

B.K.'s primary medium is oil. She uses a glazing technique wherein she creates many light layers allowing each to dry, adding depth, contours and shadows. This gives her figures a luminescent ethereal quality. She will sometimes paint a swirling textured background and add patterns over patterns around the figure. This creates a three dimensional illusion behind her subjects. She also uses various mediums to create raised layers or patterns on her work. She often glazes interference oils on her paintings that have iridescent or pearlized qualities. The most noteable feature of her work are the raised and intricate designs and patterns that she leafs with gold, silver and most recently multicolor metal foils and powders. This embellishing process can sometimes take as long as the painting itself. Her mixtures of gold and metal swirls, patterns and dots add an opulence to the finished work and in themselves convey their own meaning or story to the work.

"I have been working on paintings that embody the power of woman through spiritual and deified representations. Some of my paintings are elaborate and ornate because they are icons of the feminine spirit. I have always been fascinated by religious icons and the elaborate detail and use of gold leaf in their representations and have used this influence to create my modern day icons of the strong and vibrant female perspective. We have so many facets as women, so many graces and so much strength, that I impart this into my creations in order to elevate the fortitude that women possess and exemplify them as the extraordinary beings that they are."

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