Jacobs, Kim

Kim Jacobs began her illustration journey fascinated by early children’s book and fairy tale illustrators such as Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, and Howard Pyle, and the beautiful watercolors of Swedish artist Carl Larsson. Training herself as a painter, Kim gained insight into color and composition from the Dutch masters of her ancestral home, and practiced by drawing figures from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

While still in college, Kim began her professional career with her illustration of numerous stories for early childhood education. Initially working towards fulfilling a childhood dream of illustrating fairy and folk tales, the opportunity arose to begin illustrating for greeting cards in 1982 and after great success and expansion into a wide range of other products, she began the pieces for her first Cobblestone Way calendar for the year 1990. A tradition was born which has consumed most of her illustration energies since. The calendar, now called "Cottage Cats" is available through her new publisher Seller's Publications in four formats and is celebrating its 21st year!

From the very beginning, each month’s painting, as well as all of Kim’s illustrations, were founded in Kim’s love of creation and her fascination with worlds in transformation- from soil to garden, infant to adult, blank paper to colorful composition. She has drawn inspiration from many diverse sources such as art, literature, dreams, fantasies and from her own extensive travels, blending all together to portray unique places that exist nowhere and anywhere.

Kim grew up in the wonderful world of coastal California, and there she met her soul mate Bob. Together they began a journey in search of their shared dream of a country homestead. But no matter where Kim has found herself from the beautiful mid-coast of California, to a wild river valley in Oregon and finally to the far coast of Maine where they have settled on 131 acres of fields and forest, in a home powered by the sun, her paintings have continued to reflect her surroundings as well as the detailed worlds of her imagination.

Licensed by Persistence of Vision, LLC

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