QS Salvatore

I bought this pattern not long after it was first released. There was something striking about it, even if I probably wouldn't hang it on my walls as I'm not much into shoes. However, I knew my sister loves shoes and I've stitched her some other pieces, including a pair of pillowcases and dresser scarf, with this same sort of pink/green. So I showed it to her and she flipped over it. We spent months deciding what the perfect fabric would be. We chose white 20 count lugana that I hand dyed a mottled pink.
This turned out bigger than I thought it would, but I can see why it is as big as it is, to be able to get the incredible shading and detail to it. It recently came back from the framers and I keep looking at it and going "wow". There is a fair amount of confetti on the instep but it is so worth it. I found it worked best if I parked my threads on that section. If you want a truely stunning piece, this is it.

Sarah Greiner, 02/03/2014
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