Mini Earth Angel JG

I fell in love with this design from the moment I saw it, but since this would be my FIRST design from this company, I opted to have it converted to both a "mini" and "no background". I didn't wish to rush to write a review, but now I am on page 5 (but I am left-handed, so I work backwards...I have completed the top 3 rows down to her nose and the right hand side working my way sideways back over to the left). My #1 complaint is actually something everyone else will find ironic being that the high level of detail is the MAIN draw to this company and their charts. However, there is "high detail" and "complex" and then there is simply "making something OVERLY complicated". I have found the latter to be the case in several instances. This chart is already really, really challenging (90 colours)...I don't see the need for about 10 colours being essentially repeated. For example: I challenge anyone to find a difference in DMC 779 and DMC 3860. Don't get me wrong, I love the subtle shadings this type of detailing provides, but sometimes it seems in this chart added colours were used just for the sake of using added colours. I have already decided my next project from here will be edited. I will adjust the colours on my own to avoid identical colours. It is easier (for me) to stitch large blocks of colour rather than an area of 1" containing 25 colours. However, this is just a personal preference. I have given this only 4 stars because there are a few areas where the background does not seem to have fully removed (and I kind of understand...the colours are all quite similar). The wings also seem not be the same colours and shown in the images, but again, that could partly be my monitor. I wish the "mini" was MORE of a mini. I am stitching my design on 28 count raw cashel (two notes of advice here: never try to stitch an HAED design on cashel...the linen is far too heavy and thick, the needle can barely now go through in areas of highly concentrated colour variations and also, beware of fabrics claiming to be 32 count...lately, I have purchased 2 from local craft stores only to have them basted onto my loom and see they are actually 28 count...). I understand the fabric choice was my own, but this design is enormous and barely fits onto my loom! I would really like the minis to be able to be "mini" and "very mini". I would not mind sacrificing detail for a MUCH smaller piece. Overall, this angel is gorgeous and my mother in law (we live with her) is already deciding where to hang it when complete. If the colours had not been so redundant throughout the design and the background had been better removed in places (and let's face it...there isn't much background to begin with), I would go with a 5 star rating. My order was processed quickly and the staff is complaints are minor and I highly recommend this design! Oh, and be advised her hair is actually shades of purple, not the dark brown it appears in the photos. Her hair and dress contain all the same colours, except her hair also has a lot of blue (it appears white/ grey in the is all blue highlights). Her feathers also are not as dark and brown-toned as appear. They are the same colours used in her face/ skin. I wish the feathers were more as depicted because being the same as her face/ skin throws me a little. I am looking at my actual stitched project right now next to the monitor and yes, the feathers are really quite different in colour from depicted. Pretty though! Happy stitching...

Amy Scott, 12/13/2013
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