Magical Green Sphere

I started working on HAED designs due to not wanting to do backstitching and wanted something that had the detail already built into the design. This exceeded every expectation. This pattern makes amazing use of color changes, especially in areas such as the tree showing up through the wings as well as the different colors in the sky. While it's easy to see the fairy and wings in the middle, when doing this pattern, it's easy noticeable that the fairy is actually a very small part of the picture stitch coverage wise. I can say from experience, though, that it is well worth the results if you stick with it and don't get lost in the sky gray. When finished, multiple people assumed this was a watercolor painting and not cross stitch. I can't write a review that will say more than the feeling you get when people stop what they are doing and have to see that it's X=stitched and not just a print. It took me 3 years to finish this, not fully working on it, but pretty constantly. It was well worth it.

Dan Qantaqua, 01/17/2011
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$19.00 USD
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