QS Opal RA

Price: $11.00 USD

Date Added: 11/21/2013 by Paula I Petersen
This design was used (by permission, of course) in one of the cross stitch magazines that I get. It is such a beautiful piece, I just couldn't say no. I went out and purchased my flosses and 14 count fabric and was able to start on it pretty quickly. I haven't gotten too far on it yet, but seeing as the chart was in color, it's pretty easy to see all the different shades and the larger areas to be stitched, so it should be a fairly easy and faster paced chart, therefore, stitching up pretty quickly. I plan to purchase the full chart of Opal from the Birthstone Fairies collection as well as the entire collection. You just have to wonder what she's dreaming about?
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