Madness of Hatred

Price: $19.00 USD

Date Added: 07/21/2011 by Dan Qantaqua
I'm not sure what it is that attracted me to this image, but there is something about it that I appreciate. I don't believe in grading the images that are on HAED simply because Michelle, whom I love her choices in art, didn't draw them, just made them possible to be stitched. As for the pattern, I wish that the picture had been bigger. I did this on 28 ct linen and felt like some of the smaller detail that I wanted to see just didn't quite come out as clear as I would have wanted. The crucifix that she is wearing wasn't fully rendered only a subtle hint in the finished product. The draping of her skirt and the wings themselves came out beautiful. I am glad that I did this pattern, but as previously stated, I kind of wish it had been about 150% bigger so that the detail really came out. Even saying that, this is a fast pattern to stitch and well worth the time. Protection Status