Thompson, Ruth

"Once upon a time, there was a girl (me) who was pretty good at drawing. She’d be the one in school that was asked to draw pictures for the school paper, paint the backdrops for the plays, and make all the signs for her friends running for class president. When she was a senior in high school she met her Knight in Shining Armor... well, bright white Nikes. He showed her the world of Dungeons & Dragons. She was bewitched! Here was a world full of passion, imagination, and wonder. So, of course, she started using her talent to draw this new world. Out came dragons, knights, evildoers and holy warriors. This girl and her shining knight went off to the magical kingdom of the University of Alabama, and brought the fantasy with them. They met wonderful and crazy new friends who fell in love with this world of magic as much as them. One day, these intrepid friends went to a local Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, called Continuity, in Birmingham, Alabama. Her amazing younger sister (Victoria) and her knight decided that the girl should sell her drawings at the art show, and to the girl’s horror, they made her display them! Lo and behold, she sold 7 of the 12 she brought! To this day the girl, who is now a much older (!!!) woman still insists that it was the best 46 dollars she ever made."

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