Ravenscroft, Linda

“My inspiration comes from many sources. I rely mostly on my dreams and inner feelings as I have done since I was a child together with my love of nature, and fascination for myths and ancient legends my mind is constantly visualising NEW creations. In my view “Faerie” represents the natural world we live in, and whether you believe or not, they do have a place in our modern day society, in fact their light is needed more now than it ever was before.It's time to look at this world and our feelings towards our fellow man, and realise what harm we are doing. Most of my images are inspirational and uplifting, offering hope or a thought for the future of this beautiful world we live in.I truly believe that we all have a little bit of Faerie light within our hearts, helping us to make the right decisions in our everyday lives we just have to look for it, and let it SHINE BRIGHTLY in the darkness!”
Shine brightly and live your dreams...Linda R

Born in 1963, Linda Ravenscroft is a self taught artist who has been painting since she was very young. until recently she lived with her husband John, and animal companions, in the beautiful county of Cheshire, England. Since then she has had the opportunity to follow one of her dreams, moving to the magical town of Glastonbury, “The Isle of Avalon” in Somerset. Linda became a professional artist in 1994 after the birth of her only child Vivien (Now called Phoenix) who was very ill after the birth. Linda was unable to go back to her office job as she had planned the only other thing she thought she could do to earn a living whilst taking care of Phoenix was “Paint”.

Since then she has featured in many Fantasy/Fairy Art books, such as “The Art of Faerie”, “The World of Faerie” and “Watercolour Fairies”. She has also illustrated and written several Tutorial Faerie Art books, including the best selling “How to Draw and Paint Fairies”, “How to Draw and paint Fairyland”, the “Mystic Faerie” Tarot Deck, by Llewellyn Publishing, her own “Enchanted” Faerie and Fantasy Art of Linda Ravenscroft and “The Fairy Artists Figure Drawing Bible”, also her best selling “Woodland Faeries Calendars” together with TV appearances promoting her beautiful Card crafting, C.D. ROMs and rubber stamps and other craft materials on the Ideal World Create and Craft shopping channel here in the UK. Linda’s work is collected worldwide, in the USA and Europe in particular.

Her images can be found as counted cross stitch patterns by Heaven and Earth designs, figurines, calendars, cards, ceramics and giftware. Creations from Nemesis Now and Cards with Eastgate resources- just a few of the wonderful things Linda has available to collectors. Linda has been fortunate enough to be invited to many wonderful faerie and fantasy events and gatherings all over the world where she has had to opportunity to meet many of her fans in person and help to inspire the next generation of fantasy artists.

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