Pettit, Myrea

"I have always loved art, flowers, fairies, butterflies and all the little creatures that I love to paint and dress up in period costumes. Though I am totally self taught my fairytale highlight was to discover in Sweden Ann Mari Sjogren whose book 'A Day in Fairyland' was so successful in the USA. Her book was a great influence on my childhood art and being able to visit and work with her when she was in her 88th year was an amazing experience."

Myrea Pettit is one of the UK`s foremost fairy and fantasy artists. She studied with famed Swedish illustrator Ann Mari Sjogren painting flowers, butterflies and fairies like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.
Born February 10, 1970 in Northampton, one of three children, Myrea, her brother and sister were all encouraged to draw. They spent many of their childhood hours and every weekend, drawing and painting or colouring.

A true nature lover for the beauty and colours of the flowers, she spends many hours photographing or drawing from her experiences. Her current travelling plans include South America and the Galapagos Islands.

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